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How To Improve Room Lighting: Tips and Ideas

The lighting in a room can be more than just a practical way to help you see when there is not enough natural light available. It also adds to the mood, atmosphere and overall look of the home. Here are some important room lighting tips for your home, and product recommendations that you can use to make these looks possible. Room Lighting Tips for the Various Rooms of the House Living Rooms/Family Rooms: In these rooms, it is a good idea to add ambient lighting which will give the sense of overall brightness from natural light. The idea is to

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How to Clean Light Switches and Electrical Outlet Covers

Have you been thinking of cleaning the house or repainting the walls? What about the switch plates? Clean light switches hardly become our concern unless they are in highly visible spots on the walls. But, you should scrub them at least once in a year. The cleaning frequency should be higher when they are in the kitchen or bathrooms because these places trap dirt like crazy. Why Should You Clean Light Switches and Electrical Outlet Covers? The switch plates and covers become an eyesore when layers of dust and soot gather on them for months. How embarrassing it would be

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