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How to Clean Light Switches and Electrical Outlet Covers

Have you been thinking of cleaning the house or repainting the walls? What about the switch plates? Clean light switches hardly become our concern unless they are in highly visible spots on the walls. But, you should scrub them at least once in a year. The cleaning frequency should be higher when they are in the kitchen or bathrooms because these places trap dirt like crazy. Why Should You Clean Light Switches and Electrical Outlet Covers? The switch plates and covers become an eyesore when layers of dust and soot gather on them for months. How embarrassing it would be

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How To Solve the Shortage of Qualified Electricians

You’ve probably seen how hard it is these days to find qualified electricians. Well, you are not alone! Bruce Seilhammer, the National President of the Independent Electrical Contractors trade association, has seen the same problem. As a matter of fact, he testified before Congress both in person and submitted additional testimony in writing on the issue in September 2017, and articulated his serious concerns over the shortage of qualified electricians. The Shortage of Qualified Electricians: Reasons behind the Labor Shortage Mr. Seilhammer explained in his testimony the reasons he and his organization felt it is so hard to fill up

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