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Choosing a Residential Solar Panel for your Customers: A Checklist

While choosing a residential solar panel system for a customer has become easier, there are still many factors to consider when making the decision. There’s good reason to become knowledgeable about solar. With energy prices rising and consumers facing higher utility bills each month, solar panels are becoming a more reasonable choice for many households. Solar panels produce greener energy and can reduce dependency on the power supplied by the electrical grid. As a result, more and more customers are becoming interested in the possibilities of solar. How Does a Solar System Work? When choosing the right product for a

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How to Eliminate Cable Clutter

Cable Clutter — with the evolving technology, it’s a problem many of us face. It can lead to confusion as we attempt to find which cable leads to what; not to mention that its unsightly. It can go haywire so let US Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) help you find some good ways to eliminate cable clutter. Eliminate Cable Clutter at Your Power Strip A power strip is a good starting place to eliminate cable clutter. While surge protectors are a good idea for both convenience and safety, they’re often not the most attractive item, especially when they have countless cables

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