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Glossary of Workplace Electrical Terms

If you work in the electrical industry, you are likely to hear many workplace electrical terms on a daily basis. In order to function in your line of work, it is necessary to become familiar with these terms. Workplace Electrical Terms for Circuits These are some basic workplace electrical terms that come up often when referring to electrical circuits. AC (Alternating Current): This type of current will alternate its direction many times a second at regular intervals. DC (Direct Current): Current will flow in only one direction. Feeder: These are circuit conductors between the service equipment, the source of a

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How To Read an Electrical Symbol Chart

An electrical symbol chart may be useful in electrical engineering and other aspects of the professional electrical field. It is defined as a pictogram used to represent various electrical and electronic devices. They can be used in a schematic diagram of an electrical or electronic circuit. If you are in a line of work where these can be necessary applications, you may want to get familiar with it. Here are some basic electrical symbols and their meanings. Basic Electrical Symbol Chart Here are some of the more basic electrical symbols you will find on a chart. See below for definitions.

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